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Engineering Measurement Laboratory


The laboratory focuses on facilitating research and development in the fields of manufacturing processes, materials, designing unique solutions and new types of equipment, and production and testing of prototypes and functional samples. It is equipped with advanced experimental instruments for measuring operating loads and responses, dynamic characteristics, noise, residual stresses in materials and heat effects on various objects.

Key Activities:

  • Measurement of current physical quantities (force, torque, pressure, temperature etc.)
  • Measurement of operating static and dynamic loads and deformation structures
  • Contact, contactless and high-speed thermovision temperature measurements
  • Measurement of residual stress in materials
  • Measurement of vibrations and noise

 Ing. Michal Křížek, Ph.D.

Function: Head of the Laboratory
E-mail: krizek4@rti.zcu.cz
Telephone: +420 377 638 729
Room: UH212



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