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Experimental Machining Laboratory

The Experimental Machining Laboratory focuses on the advanced designing and manufacturing of cutting tools, including preparation of their microgeometry, detailed measurements and grinding of sculptured surfaces, polishing, flute shape analysis, design of the grinding wheel shape, 3D printing of metallic parts, design of supports for 3D printing, and optimisation of 3D printing parameters.


Key activities:

  • Machining strategy
  • Verification of technologies
  • Production of prototype components
  • Diagnostics and optimization of the cutting process
  • Quality and surface condition control
  • Surface evaluation using the linear and surface roughness
  • Experimental analysis of machining processes
  • Proposal of fixtures for machining
  • Proposal of cutting machines
  • NC programming
  • Measurement of complex-shaped products
  • Proposal process of cutting edge modification
  • Measurement of cutting tools geometry and microgeometry

 Ing. Miroslav Zetek, Ph.D.

Function: Head of the Laboratory
E-mail: mzetek@rti.zcu.cz
Telephone: +420 377 638 787
Room: UH209