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ANCA MX7 tool grinding machine

The machine can grind solid tools with diameters of not less than 0.5 mm. It is provided with spindles with enhanced precision and other accessories for grinding tools of these diameters to the required tolerance. Exchangeable cutting inserts and sections of various materials, including aluminium and titanium alloys, can also be ground. The laboratory has all the relevant software and manufacturing inspection equipment for these applications.


EOS M290 3D metal printer

This printer uses the principle of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). The printed object is  built  from  thin  layers  which  are  formed by melting by a laser. This allows the creation of components with any external, and in particular internal, forms, which cannot be produced using conventional methods. Tool steel MS1, Inconel 718 and stainless steel 316L are currently used for the manufacture of metal components in the laboratory.

IFM G4 scanning optical microscope

The IFM G4 captures the surface topography, including true colour information. The main strength of the instrument is the integrated measurement of the shape and roughness  in both 2D and 3D. It thus combines the functions of several separate instruments. Its output is provided in the form of clearly arranged reports.

OTEC DF 3 surface finishing equipment

This equipment for finishing surfaces and cutting edges of tools, including the polishing of helical flutes of tools, relies on the drag finishing process. The tool or workpiece is clamped in a rotary head which is gradually lowered into a medium which exerts pressure on the workpiece, producing the desired surface finish. This equipment enables the head to be tilted at an angle, enabling the flute surfaces to be polished.