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R&D of Machining Technologies

 Research programme manager

doc. Ing. Jan Řehoř, Ph.D.

tel: 420 377 638 500, 420 377 638 514

e-mail: rehor4@rti.zcu.cz



Main directions of research:

  • Manufacturing processes (progressive technologies, tools and tooling systems, programming),
  • Systems especially focused on machining and diagnostics of sculptured and complicated products,
  • Metrology and 3D scanning,
  • Quality control, ergonomics, logistics and safety.

Manufacturing of sculptured products such as moulds, pressure casting and plastic spraying, dies, but also engineering components as crankshafts, steam turbine blades, turbo compressor blade wheels etc., means a range of material, technology, metrology, ergonomic and logistical problems. The activity of the Laboratory of Machining Technologies is defined by a complex solutions of the production chain from research and development of progressive technology machining methods (e.g. HSC, HPC, dry and hard machining etc.) and non-conventional technologies (laser, ultrasound, Rapid Prototyping etc.) and their applications through the design of cutting and forming tools, programming of tool motion strategy and on-line production quality management to analyzing and evaluation of the resulting quality of a machined product. These activities are followed by activities at the level of ergonomic studies and proposals of workplace solutions with regard to safety. The important field of manufacturing productivity is also logistics, layout designs including logistics and its optimization which is another significant activity of the research program. The activities are solved using existing and in parallel developed optimization algorithms at application and SW solution levels.